Hope-Aid Organisation

Abuja, Nigeria
Joined December 2018

Hope-Aid works in the underserved communities in Northern Nigeria. Our goal is to promote the socio-economic rights of children and women; addressing inequalities and barriers to social justice

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

Hope-Aid is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 by four couples as a platform to privately reach out to the needy. The organisation was registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2008 with a mandate to serve disadvantaged communities in Northern Nigeria.
Our Mission is to advance the socio-economic rights of women and children in Nigeria.
At Hope-Aid we believe that the equitable and judicious use of Nigeria’s resources will enhance the well being of all her citizens including the poor and vulnerable.
And so, our Vision is to see a Nigeria where every child and family have equal opportunities to realise their potentials in life free of disadvantages and discriminations.
Hope-Aid Objectives includes:-
 Creating awareness of the Laws and Policies that protect Children and Women
 Providing Education, Counselling and Psychosocial Support to orphans and other at risk or vulnerable children.
 Supporting Women’s economic empowerment and family strengthening initiatives
 Collaboration with Partners and Network Organisations to challenge breaches of the Laws that protect children and vulnerable persons.

We have 3 broad areas of programming as follows:-
 Children at Risk Education Program [CaRE]: creating equal opportunities in education for vulnerable children who are at risk of child abuse, violence, and exploitation. We fund the education of orphans and vulnerable children; and operate Hope-Aid Resource Centres as bridge building projects where volunteers share skills, build capacity and access to quality educational resources to the disadvantaged.
 Women and Girls Empowerment and Family Strengthening Program [WaGES]: a means of protecting the vulnerable from violence, neglect, abuse and all forms of exploitation.
 Hope-Aid Young Minds Program [HAY]: Legal awareness and youth empowerment program to create attitudinal change and promote a culture of peace, leadership, good governance and respect for people’s rights in Nigeria.