Helping Hands Foundation

Mumbai , India
Joined February 2012
Presence in: India

[For Weaker People Benefit & Social Justice]
Our Vision
All the People have the access to & benefit of All-round Prosperity and Social Justice.


Our Mission
We assist the Weaker People in improving their Standard of living by focusing on
“Income generation, Health, Education, Clean Environment and Social Justice”


Our Moral Values
Composure: We respect the peoples’ sentiments and treat them with compassion.
Courage: We take fearless actions for betterment of the circumstances.
Transparency: We strive for the transparency in all our efforts.
Wisdom: We join with others for a greater success.
Justice: We fight for Social Justice.


Our Philosophy
We believe in empowerment of the people by way of awareness, Capacity building and skill development, as the charity alone cannot bring the required development. Hence, Weaker People in general, Children & women in particular, will be assisted through capacity building trainings, granting financial assistance to establish income generating activities, awareness programmes on health, education, pollution free environment, opportunities available, fight for social justice, etc., to accomplish our Vision. Poor children will be specially treated and encouraged to become good future citizens. Towards this goal, we will take initiative and work together with the likeminded people and organisations.


Our Invitation
You are cordially invited to extend your support to strengthen our HELPING HANDS.


[For Weaker People Benefit & Social Justice]
Regd. No. 340 / BK – IV / 2011

D.No. 12- 296, Bugga Street, RENIGUNTA – 517 520, Chittoor Dist. [A.P.] INDIA.

E-mail: 9hhfoundation@gmail.com Cell: + 91 94911 35998

[Registered Office: D. No. 18-1-525, Bhavani Nagar, TIRUPATI – 517 501, AP, INDIA]