Global Legal Action Network

London, United Kingdom
Joined April 2019

We pursue innovative international legal actions challenging states and other powerful actors involved in human rights violations

Presence in: Ireland, United Kingdom
Focus: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

Our mission: GLAN pursues innovative international legal actions, challenging states and other powerful actors involved with human rights violations.


What we do: GLAN is committed to the innovative use of law to achieve positive human rights change. We develop legal interventions from outside the jurisdictions where individuals and communities suffer injustice. Our actions address the most pressing instances of international injustice that are a consequence of global inequality; they fall within the following themes:

War and occupation | Accountability and supply chains

Environmental and economic justice | Migration and border violence


Who we are: We are a team of committed lawyers who seek to break new ground through international legal actions addressing human rights violations. Our work is guided by GLAN’s Legal Action Committee, a diverse and select team of experts drawn from legal practice, academia and investigative journalism. They voluntarily provide their expertise and connections to shape and develop GLAN’s actions.  Through an international network of members, universities and grassroots organisations, we mobilize insights from both research and practice to develop impactful transnational legal actions. Our work is supported by formal connections with leading law schools that strengthen our ability to take on ambitious cases.  It is this rich infrastructure that allows us to develop cases that push beyond the limits of conventional human rights litigation.