Georgia State University College of Law, HeLP Legal Services Clinic

Atlanta, United States
Joined February 2012
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In September 1982, the College of Law began operation on the Georgia State University downtown campus. The college, which offers conventional first-year law courses to both day and evening students, enrolled a first-year class of about 200 students. Second- and third-year classes now complete a student body of about 675 students.

The College of Law makes a quality legal education as accessible as possible, both to traditional students and to the large number of qualified and motivated individuals whose present occupations would prevent them from pursuing a traditional, full-time law program. The College of Law thus maintains, in addition to our conventional program, an affirmative attitude toward part-time law study. The college views the part-time program as an attractive and equally respectable alternative for many applicants. We believe the ability to choose between programs provides students with a flexibility that is an exceptional strength of the college.