Fundación Eitawaa

Chia, Colombia
Joined March 2017

We are an organization that works in Colombia with different vulnerable communities and Indigenous in order to empower them to learn and have the tools to protect their land, environment & traditions

Presence in: Colombia
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice

Our mission is to achieve harmony in human action with the constitutive elements of life on earth in order to seek not only its preservation but also empowerment, through knowledge from communities, technology, art, culture, scientific research and Incorporated in our Integral Ecological Recovery Methodology.
Our actions are committed to make a profound change in the reality and degraded relationship that the global society  maintains with nature from the implementation of socio-environmental projects that integrate the traditional knowledge of the indigenous and Afro communities together with the application Of new sustainable technologies.


– Execute and collaborate all types of projects that pursue the general welfare of the manifestations of life in all its extension.

– Promote the culture of harmonious unity with nature through our methodology and in alliance with the appropriate governmental and private actors.

– Collaborate with governmental institutions in the execution and design of policies aimed at a significant structural change that promotes the well-being of the environment and human society, as a niche belonging to it.