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Freedom in Disasters

Vienna, Austria
Joined November 2021

Freedom in Disasters works across the globe to prevent disaster victims from becoming human-trafficking victims.

Presence in: Australia, Austria, Vietnam
Focus: Other, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

Freedom in Disasters is dedicated to stopping human trafficking in disasters.

Also known as the International Institute for Counter Trafficking in Disasters we provide a global platform for our international community. We empower trans-disciplinary stakeholder groups to collaboratively design and  share best-practice approaches for human trafficking prevention in disaster settings.

Our vision is a world where disasters are not used to exploit vulnerable men, women and children but are the catalyst to end modern slavery. 

We envisage a world where the disaster relief, the development, and the law enforcement sectors combine forces and capitalise on the ‘opportunity’ that disasters provide to end human trafficking in all its forms.

FiD works towards its vision with a collaborative approach, uniting the skills and experiences of local actors and international experts, to serve communities in need. We collaborate with academic organisations, cooperations, and social enterprises to make a difference at the local level. Simultaneously we advance the scientific knowledgebase of counter human trafficking in disasters to ensure that the international community has the right tools to help those in need.