Federation of Women Lawyers South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan
Joined July 2020

Our Vision; “A Just South Sudan, where Respect, Protection and Promotion women’s Dignity and Rights is observed’’

Presence in: South Sudan
Focus: Women's Rights
Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) South Sudan is a feminist organization founded in 2010 by South Sudanese women lawyers association. The organization was formed as a result of the need to have an institution focusing on women’s rights beyond a developmental framework. This was arrived at a discussion through which the women lawyers discovered that the existence of negative social and cultural practices prevented women from fully participating in public life and in the development of their communities; and also increased their vulnerability to Gender Based Violence.
Our Vision; A Just South Sudan, where Respect, Protection and Promotion women’s Dignity and Rights.is observed’’ 
We work to strengthen the capacity of women to spearhead women involvement in decision making, peace building and justice through legal aid awareness creation and advocacy.
  • FIDA offers quality legal aid services offered to vulnerable groups (women and children) within South Sudan.
  • FIDA works to increase legal literacy (Human Rights Education) at the communities, households and the nation at large including law enforcement and traditional authorities.
  • FIDA undertakes advocacy and lobby for ratification and domestication of regional and international women’s human rights instruments, treaties and conventions.
  • FIDA promotes investments in knowledge and capacity for women lawyers to enable and sustain women’s rights activism.
  • FIDA works to strengthen its institutional capacity for efficient and effective program delivery. It also supports the development women organization and other vulnerable groups