Faduk Care Foundation

Uyo, Nigeria
Joined October 2021

missions:To empower vulnerable women and girls, people living with disabilities and children to visualize and maximize their unique potentials to create a lasting solution to end hunger

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

Faduk Care Foundation is a non governmental organization committed to serve women, girls, people living with disabilities, HIV AIDs and children through community focused initiative in partnership with the stakeholders to end poverty .

Founded in 2005 by Faith and incorporated by Cooperate Affairs Commission in 2017 where they demonstrate uncommon to end poverty using innovative approaches to provide social, educational, health, financial services to stakeholders in a sustainable manner through economic empowerment projects and programs

Missions:To empower vulnerable women, girls and person living with disabilities to visualize and maximize their unique potentials to create a lasting solution to end hunger, inequalities and discriminating norms and allieviate suffering to under take self reliance.

Vision:To create a world where on one goes to bed hungry and his deprived of the opportunity to live a health and reach their true potential.

Priority Area: Education,Health,Gender, Sustainable Livelihood and Youth Development : Strategies/Activities

Economic empowerment, Ending violence against women and girls, Community Mobilization/Conversation

Risk Mitigation/Peace Keeping Community and school Based Advocacy.Social Media Mentorship of adolescent girls.

 Core Values: Excellence, integrity, Accountability, Transparency and Creative Thinking