EQUIS: Justicia para las Mujeres AC

Juarez, Mexico
Joined March 2017
Presence in: Mexico
Focus: Gender-based violence, Right to Information, Women's Rights

EQUIS: Justicia para las Mujeres is a feminist organization that contributes to creating conditions where women can exercise their human rights free from violence and discrimination. This vision can be achieved by implementing access to justice strategies, influencing public policies and mobilizing influential decision-makers to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of women. Equis seeks to generate political will from states to comply with national and international obligations regarding gender equality will ensure that when women’s human rights are violated, the state responds efficiently and with a gender perspective. Women’s access to justice is a pre-requisite for the effective enjoyment of all women’s human rights guaranteed by national, regional and international standards. EQUIS was founded in 2010 by a group of young feminists responding to the challenges of defending women’s human rights. Their aim was to bring in new perspectives and innovative strategies to help increase the accountability of justice administration institutions in Mexico. Our goal is to instigate transformative structural changes in laws, policies and institutions, so they can include a gender perspective. For that reason, we monitor the state’s response to violations of women’s human rights and demand greater accountability from institutions through a variety of strategies including promoting transparency, research, advocacy, training, and alliance-building.