Electronic Government system development center

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Joined July 2018

The ultimate goal of implementing E-government in Uzbekistan is the creation of a perfect e-governance, which is able significantly to improve the possibility of providing interactive services; accoun

Presence in: Uzbekistan
Focus: Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Right to Information

«Electronic Government» system development Center was established under the State Committee for communication, Informatization and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of the government decision (RCM No. 250 dated September 16, 2013), whose main tasks are:

  • developing strategic directions for further development and improvement of “Electronic government” system on the basis of the analysis and research of global trends and the experience of foreign countries;
  • providing a single technological approach on formation of Electronic government system, which provides a consistent mechanism design, development and integration of information systems, information resources and databases used in government organization, the organization of normative-methodical support of projects of “Electronic government”;
  • Arranging of a systemic reorganization of functional and operational processes of government authorities’ activity, preparation of proposals on optimization, improvement and implementation of innovative mechanisms for managing business processes associated with the provision of public services;
  • conducting target analysis and preparation of proposals on improvement of the existing legal framework for the effective implementation of the “Electronic government” system;
  • conducting systematic monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and development of information and communication technologies, including the study on the effectiveness of implementation of information systems and resources, conducting system of rating on the implementation effectiveness of information and communication technologies in the activities of state bodies within “e-Government” system
  • developing a method for determining the key performance indicators of the effectiveness of the provision and use of online government services, the target indicators and implementation indicators of projects within the “Electronic government” system.