Drakenstein SNAC (NPC), known as DRK SNAC or SNAC

Paarl, South Africa
Joined January 2020

Creating Solutions Together by bringing people together to solve conflict and socio-economic challenges.

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Generalist Legal Services

DRK SNAC serves as an umbrella organisation that provides cohesive direction, creates linkage, facilitates information sharing, and actively advocates for community structures at local, district and provincial levels.

The overall purpose and main aim of DRK SNAC are to represent all areas of youth and voluntarily organisations, business, sport and culture, faith-based organisations and civic structures in Drakenstein.

DRK SNAC process

DRK SNAC brings people together to solve conflict and socio-economic challenges.

The vision

Local knowledge, experience and capacity in action

The mission

  • Build, refine, maintain and promote an effective and sustainable model of grassroot/ground governance in cooperation with local communities, using conflicts as “windows” to deepen democracy.
  • Build a model of equal and mutually accountable partnership between state agencies and organs of civil society.
  • Document and reflect critically upon processes and practices and disseminate the result to a variety of audiences.

The impact

  • Enhanced self-direction of communities in the development of programmes
  • Designed to address local issues including, but not limited to, those pertaining to legal and justice.
  • Increased collaboration between CBO’s, government and NGO’s
  • Work creation through investment in communities that promotes sustainable development.

The reality

The supply of public services has not been able to meet the growing demand for health, education, safety and security, etc.

This is true all over SA – not only does the state not have the capacity to service communities adequately, but all citizens cannot afford to pay private agencies that provide alternative services. However, citizens have something valuable to contribute – that is, local knowledge and capacity to use this knowledge effectively and for the common good.

The goal

  • Promote human security
  • Value local knowledge
  • Grow social capital
  • Build effective partnerships