Defund NPD (Newton, Massachusetts)

Newton, United States
Joined September 2020

Reduce police funding and policing; reinvest public resources in life affirming institutions that enhance public safety.

Presence in: United States
Focus: Criminal Justice

Inspired by the long, courageous struggle for racial justice, and with respect for today’s Black-led movement for liberation, Defund NPD aims to:

  • Ensure that public spending aligns with our values of inclusivity, equity, accessibility, and dignity.
  • Hold our community leaders, institutions and ourselves accountable for dismantling historic and systemic racism and other inequities and repairing harm caused.
  • Normalize and elevate intersectional and abolitionist analyses in public discourse and civic action in and around Newton, Massachusetts.
  • Encourage Newton to center and uplift the voices, experiences and leadership of Black, Indigenous and other People of Color.
  • Promote transformative justice and the radical reimagining of public safety and accountability beyond carceral systems.
  • Nurture connections between Newton and local, national and global movements for racial justice as well as intersecting causes