DEEDS, {Development Education Service}

Mangalore, India
Joined June 2022

DEEDS works in 10 districts of Karnataka State, tag line Making Law Work For Women. Mission - legal education, legal aid, research, and networking with communities, civil societies, and state

Presence in: India
Focus: Gender-based violence

 Deeds is a registered Society, registered in the year 1982, in Mangalore, Karnataka. Ever since then, it is involved in working with the various vulnerable section of the society with the Vision of an Inclusive, Just, Humane, and Participatory Society.

The mission of DEEDS is to promote gender equality for marginalized communities for human development through legal education, research, training, and networking with communities, civil societies, and state institutions.

Deeds has promoted several community-based groups networked with duty bearers, NGOs, and professionals for human development. For the last two decades DEEDS works with men and women to bring gender equality and build a humane society in the State of Karnataka.

For the last 12 years DEEDS is involved in developing paralegal facilitators in 8 districts of Karnataka. More than 300 paralegal facilitators are working closely with the District Legal Service Authorities to make it more effective and functional in providing justice to the needy. It has formed a district and State level network of Paralegal facilitators collective for strengthening legal services for victims of abuse and violence. DEEDS runs a resource center to provide material support for legal education and actively provides legal aid through the center established by it. Every year it supports about 100 cases of women victims of violence directly and provides legal education to more than 10000persons.