Damj the Tunisian Association for Justice and Legality

tunis, Tunisia
Joined July 2022

Damj, the Tunisian Association for Justice and Legality is a non-governmental non-profit organization, created in 2002, by a group of young queer activists who defend the rights of LGBTQI + people

Presence in: Tunisia
Focus: LGBTQI+ Rights

Vision: Damj as a grassroot organization found itself more interested in the capacity building of all individuals facing injustice, hate and discrimination because of their sexual orientations and gender identites, expressions throughout series of connections networks and events gathering the community and introducing them to our services and facilitating their access to our team and other human rights organizations in an intersectional approach. Damj is constantly working on the mobilization of the community in collaboration with other civil society members , the advocacy both nationally and internationally through partnerships, networks with Human rights organizations interested in the legal empowerment of LGBTIQ+ communities in countries such as Tunisia.
Missions: Damj’s mission is mainly working on the complete inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ community, the protection and respect of the physical security and dignity of each marginalized individual threatened and persecuted because of their sexual orientation. Damj is also pushing towards the decriminalization of homosexuality in Tunisia and gender diverse identites and changing the law in Tunisia plus submitting project laws aiming ot prevent hate crimes, violence and inpunity related to the LGBTIQ+ community. Strengthening the capacities of LGBTIQ+ members in dealing with urgent situations.
Damj as one of the few organizations working directly for the promotion and the advocacy of LGBTIQ+ rights in Tunisia, we prioritize working on changing the issues that all individuals struggle with such as discrimination, violence, arbitrary arrests of SOGI rights activists but most importantly we provide urgent legal assistance services to beneficiaries in cases of arrest, persecution and any other forms of legal obstacles LGBTIQ+ individuals and particularly Trans individuals go through.