Credibility Alliance

New Delhi, India
Joined August 2018

Credibility Alliance (CA) is a consortium of Voluntary Organizations committed towards enhancing Accountability and Transparency in the Voluntary Sector through good Governance and accountability.

Presence in: India
Focus: Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Other

C​redibility Alliance has developed Norms of Accountability, Governance and Disclosure Practices. The content of the Norms and the process of Accreditation followed by Credibility Alliance were evolved and approved after in-depth deliberation spread over a long period and across wide geographies of the country and over 1500 organizations took part in these deliberations at various levels and several suggestions, major and minor, were received and processed through the consultative framework set up for the purpose.

Accreditation by Credibility Alliance provides the most significant assurance that an organization meets certain standards of quality in Organizational Governance and Delivery of Services. The Alliance has developed accreditation mechanisms and promulgated standards, which are frequently upgraded through a participatory process, to evaluate compliance by the Voluntary Organizations (VOs).