Community Working Group on Health (CWGH)

Harare, Zimbabwe
Joined August 2017

Advocacy, networking and capacity development for the attainment of the Right to Health and Equitable Health Services in Zimbabwe

Presence in: Zimbabwe
Focus: Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Right to Information

The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) was formed in early 1998 to take up health issues of common concern. The approximately 35 organisations in the CWGH include national membership organisations that have branches across the country, whilst others have areas specific membership (such as the residents associations). It was born to lead and give  visibility to community processes in health in Zimbabwe. Over the years, the CWGH has positioned itself as a voice in the health sector and built community power, organising involvement of communities in health actions within their communities and around Primary Health Care, whether within the community on health literacy, health budgets, health governance, environmental health, or mobilizing resources to support health centres.

The CWGH has consistently engaged with stakeholders and government to make PHC a more central policy principle, and has strenghthened community structures such as health centre committees and boards and committees at district and national level to organise public efforts to achieve this principle.