Centre for Legal Support

Serrekunda, Gambia
Joined February 2021

The Centre for Legal Support (CLS) is a network of public interest lawyers in The Gambia focus on promotion and protection of human rights, rule of law and justice.

Presence in: Gambia
Focus: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Labor & Employment, Right to Information, Women's Rights

The Centre for Legal Support (CLS) is a network of public interest lawyers’ in The Gambia. Its main areas of focus are promotion and protection of human rights, enhancing access to justice, advancing good governance and rule of law in The Gambia.
The establishment of the Centre was inspired by the important roles civil society and the legal profession can play in shaping our democracy, while using the best means to advance human rights agenda, access to justice, rule of law; and as well as, the provision of free legal aid to victim of human rights violations and support the Government in its endeavours to reform our laws and judicial institutions. It is envisioned that through this Centre, victims of human rights violations can pursue justice, redress and accountability without the need to pay legal representation and services. Thus, the Centre is and would be a critical stakeholder in the rebuilding and transformation efforts undertaking by the Government in collaboration with NGOs and Civil Society Organisations.

The Centre for Legal Support works for a society where every person enjoys the full protection of the law regardless of one’s political, economic, socio-cultural, gender, religion, race and other status.
Through formidable and close network with partners, we target to make access
to justice a reality for every person, while using the best means of promoting and protecting human rights, justice, rule of law, and good governance in The Gambia.

1. To provide free legal representation in criminal cases to people with limited means
particularly the most vulnerable persons such as women, children and persons with disabilities.
2. To initiate and prosecute cases for victims of human rights violations before the domestic
and regional judicial mechanisms.
3. To undertake public interest litigation.
4. To build capacity of public officials involve in the administration of justice in The Gambia.