Center to Assist and Protect Child Rights of Nepal (CAP-CRON)

Kathmandu, Nepal
Joined July 2016
Presence in: Nepal
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Labor & Employment, Traditional / Customary Justice

CAP-CRON established in 1990 by group of human rights activist to facilitate the children, youth and women by providing them necessary support and assistance, making them aware to utilize their rights affirmed by the various International Conventions, Nepalese Constitution and different national Acts. It central office is in Balkhu Kathmandu and working in central policy level as well as 27 districts of the country.

The fundamental objectives of the CAP-CRON are to promote and promotion as well as make the children, women and youths use their rights in peacefully secured condition and make women utilize their rights of equality in the society. Further CAP CRON has prioritized its interests in implementing Safer Migration Project for women and men through various activities like information and counseling, social costs of migration, imparting vocation training, legal and clinic support shelter to distressed returnees. Support to the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

CAP CRON En Vision’s a society where children and women live a peaceful, secured and fulfilled life without exploitation and conflict in environment that provides equal participation and justice specially in consideration for migrant and migrated workers.

CAP CRON as a non-profit NGO Missions to improve the unjust situation of children and women of Nepal by lobbying on policy level, addressing traditional mal practices, enhancing capacities of duty bearers and empowering right holders through expert services with a focus on migrants and migrated workers for safer migration.

Cap CRON attempts to facilitate children and women by providing them necessary aid and assistance, making them aware to utilize their rights affirmed by various international conventions, Nepalese constitution and different child and women related national Acts.

Cap Cron’s thematic areas of work has been: Studies, research, survey, Observation on news, events, situations Advice, suggestion, ideas and concepts, Voice of creating pressure, Training, Human Resource development (HRD), Media coverage, Networking, Extension of CAP-CRON, Need Analysis, Formal and non formal education, Awareness, Identifying the local issues, Mobile Education, Mobile Health, Citizenship support.

Enhancing Rights: Publication of Books, Booklets, Leaflets, Posters and Reports, Expose in Public, Workshop Seminar, Interaction and Discussion, Legal Support, Skill Commitment Capacity Building, Airing Nationwide from electronic media, Easy Access Activities, Establishment of formal or loose groups of Rights Activist (RA), Action Work. Distribution of Materials for Awareness, Mobilization of RA, Non-formal education, Mediation and counseling Court appearing by lawyer, frequently visit in Jail, Police Offices and other stakeholders. Media observation and news collection for exhibition