Center for Development of the Roma Community “Bairska Svetlina”

Bitola, Macedonia
Joined May 2022

The CRRZ -Bairska Svetlina is a non-governmental organization that contributes to strengthening the capacity of Roma , improving their socio-economic status,direct involvment and integration.

Presence in: Macedonia
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Education, Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Health, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, Right to Information, Women's Rights

The Center for Development of the Roma Community (CRRZ) “Bairska Svetlina” is
non-governmental organization Our vision is:

The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are an equal, dignified society, with exercised right to health and fully in the educational process most spheres of social life.
Achieving changes in the Roma communities from the work of  Bairska
Svetlina – Bitola. Initiative groups are waiting for them results and the voice of the Roma is heard as a result of the changed consciousness in passive from the Roma community. Reduce the degree of uneducated Roma who face more seriously the problems they have with using the methodology to approach it. Discrimination against Roma is reduced and the approach by non-Roma is different from the past.

Protection against discrimination on ethnic and other grounds Initiate policy change at the national level Awareness of the Roma community and marginalized groups about
basic human rights and offering free legal aid Increasing the hard work and employment of Roma Increased coverage of Roma children in the education system and improvement of the results of Roma students from primary and secondary education
Raising parents’ awareness of the importance of their education children Overcoming barriers to exercising rights and changing negative narratives about the Roma population Involvement and information of Roma and marginalized groups with emphasis of young people in policy making at local and national level We monitor the community and the work of institutions and we realize direct meetings with the citizens, we submit a request for free access to public information, we advocate and
lobbying at local and national level, as well as media advocacy and
public presence, we provide legal advice and free legal aid
and support for all citizens, we encourage civic initiatives