Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population

Hanoi, Vietnam
Joined March 2021

CCIHP is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. OUR MISSION is to improve the lives of marginalised people through action research and creative initiatives that bring about positive and sustainable changes.

Presence in: Vietnam
Focus: Family, Gender-based violence, Health, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights

CCIHP was established in 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam as a local NGO. CCIHP is the continuation of its original entity – the Consultation of Investment in Health Promotion established in 1999. Our vision is of a just and equitable society where all people have the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilled lives. We have been working on five areas: health equity and universal health coverage; sexual and reproductive health and rights; gender equality and gender-based violence; mental health and disabilities; and emerging health issues such as non-communicable diseases.

CCIHP currently has 26 professionally qualified staff who are committed to achieving CCIHPs mission. CCIHPs work is underpinned by the key principles of capacity building, local ownership and multi-disciplinary team working. It collaborates in a wide range of social organization and academic networks, nationally and internationally and has established a high reputation in research, program management and monitoring and evaluation. It has the systems and procedures in place to ensure integrity and transparency in all its activities and finance management.