Bismarck Ramu Group (BRG)

Madang, Papua New Guinea
Joined March 2016
Presence in: Papua New Guinea

The Bismarck Ramu Group (BRG) is a non-governmental organization that works with local communities, groups, organizations and individuals throughout Papua New Guinea.

BRG informs, trains, advises and helps empower people so they can make informed decisions, confidently speak out, organize and take action to protect and maintain control over their land, resources and livelihoods.

To create a fair and equitable society throughout PNG, as set down by the PNG Constitution Goals and Directive Principles.

People centered, working in partnership, accountable for quality results, dedicated to financial integrity, inspired and innovative.

Personal honesty, integrity, commitment, working together in teams – openness & trust; empowering others & respecting differences; encouraging risk-taking & responsibility; enjoying our work & our families.