Bheri Environmental Excellence Group (BEE-Group), Nepal

Nepalgunj, Nepal
Joined March 2012
Presence in: Nepal

BEE-Group is a non partisan, non profit making independent non-government organization (NGO).It was established by a group of non-political, academic, and professional people in 2000 with a great motivation to work in the local regions for democracy, peace, human rights and community development. It is comprises of all the energetic intellectuals and likeminded group on human rights defenders, lawyers, gender experts, peace educators, sociologists, social leaders and trainers.
BEE Group working in Mid and Far Western Development Regions of Nepal with field offices dedicated to work on human rights, democracy, peace, and justice and community development. The organisation maintains form working relationship with various national and international organizations, including relevant bodies of the United Nations (UNDP, UNOCHA) and other national and international organisations.