Beringia Community Planning Inc.

Vancouver, Canada
Joined June 2017

Beringia is a small consulting firm that specializes in Indigenous community planning including land use planning, comprehensive community planning, health planning and economic development planning

Presence in: Canada
Focus: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Livelihoods

Experience: Led by Jeff Cook, MCIP, RPP, Beringia’s experience includes sector and project-based planning in areas such as community economic development, land use planning & stewardship, capital & infrastructure, culture & governance, and health & social. Our services include: facilitation & community engagement, training & mentorship, planning research & analysis, conference design & facilitation, and Youth engagement.

Approach: Beringia brings an innovative approach to its participatory, community-based planning practice. We focus on building long-lasting relationships based on trust, respect, mutual learning and friendship. We encourage individual (children, youth, adults and Elders), family, community and Council’s perspectives in making decisions about process and priorities. Our community-based planning approach honours local culture, knowledge, values and symbols. It supports inclusion, promotes social capital, builds leadership and capacity, and targets learning, recognition and action.

Vision: Beringia’s vision is to support Indigenous and First Nations’ aspirations to strengthen community health, cultural vibrancy, land stewardship and economic independence for current and future generations.