Aware Girls

Peshawar, Pakistan
Joined August 2017

Aware Girls is young women led Organisation working for women empowerment, gender equality, and peace in Pakistan. We are working to strengthen the leadership capacity of young women enabling them to

Presence in: Pakistan, United States
Focus: Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights


Aware Girls envisions a world where women rights are equally respected as Human Rights, women have control over their own lives and have equal access to Education, Employment, Decision making, Justice, Financial Resources, Recreation, Health specifically Sexual and Reproductive Health and Social Services.


Objectives of the Organization:


  • To advocate for 50/50 opportunities for women in Employment, Decision making, access to Financial Resources and Social Services
  • Capacity building of young women in leadership
  • To promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Young Women and to strengthen the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  • To organize and strengthen the Capacity of young people enabling them to actively contribute towards sustainable development, Social Change, Women Empowerment, equity, justice, equality, peace, Non violence and tolerance in the Society

Tools and Approaches


  • Organizing Young Women Groups
  • Capacity Building of Young Women Groups enabling them to act as agents of change for women empowerment
  • Awareness Raising Campaigns
  • Establishing and Running Help lines
  • Peer Education, Study Circles
  • Advocacy for the Institutionalized protection and promotion of equal and equitable rights of women
  • Advocacy for meaningful participation of women in decision making at all levels
  • Holding Dialogues among stakeholders on Women’s Rights Issues
  • Networking, Alliance Building and Partnerships
  • Research and Research based Advocacy