Assosiation of the Egyptian Female Lawyers

Giza, Egypt
Joined December 2013
Presence in: Egypt

Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) is a registered NGO with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity (#3236) with the mission of activating women’s political participation and supporting women’s legal and political rights that approved by national law and international conventions.
AEFL is seeking to create Egyptian women who can defend their rights and work to spread values of gender equality, justice, and freedom within Egyptian society through awareness programs, research studies and networking with governmental and non governmental institutions concerned with women issues.
AEFL works towards spreading the values of gender equality, justice, and freedom within Egyptian society, encouraging girls and ladies to get their political, social and legal rights through achieving the following goals:
1) Empower women to defend their political, legal, and social rights.
2) Raise awareness of women’s political status and the importance of activating their role within Egyptian society.
3) Build a strong front of female lawyers who are qualified and involved in both political and public life.
4) Raise awareness of the international conventions and instruments protecting human, particularly women’s, rights in order to change the culture of the community.