association titrit centrale Agadir

Agadir, Morocco
Joined May 2022

The association implements any approach related to the achievement of its object and aims for social development through the civic and legal training of beneficiaries.

Presence in: Morocco
Focus: Women's Rights

The Association undertakes any process related to the achievement of its objective and aims at social development through civic and legal training for the beneficiaries of its services, through:
• The fight for women’s rights for an egalitarian society (equality in the world of work, representation in political life),
• Reintegration and follow-up of female prisoners in penitentiary detention centers and protection centers inside and outside the institution, as well as released persons;
• Reintegrate women, girls and children in difficult situations

• Fight against physical, sexual and moral violence against women, prostitution, sexual harassment and the sexual use of the image of women.
• Defend, expand and develop the rights obtained by women, including the right to work, respect for spouses, family and society.