Asociación de Ayuda de Familiares de Personas que padecen Esquizofrenia

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Joined April 2017

Non gubernamental organizations of relatives and friends of people suffering of schizophrenia, focused on psychoeducational activities and advocacy in mental health.

Presence in: Argentina
Focus: Health

We are a Non Gubernamental Organization of relatives and friends of people suffering of schizophrenia in La Plata city, Argentina. It was created on 2001.
We focused on psychoeducational activities twice a month (saterday) and every tuesday.
We also focuse on advocacy in mental health, with strategic alianze with othes organizations (NGO and GO).
We participate in the organization of Mental Health Day (WFMH), every years since 2001. Also in other activities like the World Healt Day (WHO) on 07Apr2017 in La Plata city.