Lodwar, Kenya
Joined October 2020

Asegis is based in Turkana-Lodwar-Kenya, our mission is working to promote healthy environment for healthy communities, We promote a clean and healthy environment through WASH programs activities.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence

Asegis Environment Protection Organization-popularly referred as Asegis; is community based organization based in Lodwar. . It is legally registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social and it is an affiliate of Turkana Natural Resources Governance-Hub[1]. The organization advocates for rights to a clean environment, fighting against HIV/AIDS stigma, discrimination and the spread of HIV/AIDS, COVID 19 through the platforms of Waste management, Water and Sanitation. Asegis is a Turkana word meaning-“clean or scaling up the hygiene standards”.

The organization’s overall objective is to advocate for clean environment and promote sustainable utilization, management and conservation of environment for sustainable development.

Specific objectives are; to mobilize community and organize outreaches for environmental activities; to lead campaigns against COVID 19, HIV/AIDS; to share knowledge on good hygiene practices and wastes source reduction, prevention and environmental conservation.


i). The organization participated and made contributions to the Turkana County Environment and Natural resources policy framework formulation and Turkana County Multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS advocacy strategic Plan for 2015/16-2018/19 on sustainable efforts towards ending HIV and AIDS

ii). In 2018, Asegis jointly with other Hub members, contributed and developed of Advocacy and Engagement  strategy 2018-2023” for the Hub, a strategy that will empower Turkana community to own, access and control land for maximum compensation on any lost land. (Copy provided)

iii). In January 2020, advocated and Call For Closure of Illegal Waste Dump Sites and Establishment of NEMA approved Waste Disposal Sites in Kakuma: https://youtu.be/pBSE1UeY—c