Alliance against discrimination of LGBTI

Tirana, Albania
Joined October 2022

Aleanca LGBTI is an Albanian NGO established in 2009. Our work focuses on promoting LGBTI human rights through advocacy at national, regional and international levels.

Presence in: Albania
Focus: LGBTQI+ Rights

Aleanca envisions a free-from-discrimination, open and equal Albanian society that embraces diversity and is inclusive towards people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Our mission is to: 

  1. support, empower and increase the visibility of the LGBTI communities in Albania;
  2. enhance and protect the human rights of LGBTI people;
  3. strengthen advocacy tools and capacities;
  4. ensure meaningful participation on a policy level;
  5. develop and implement programs that address LGBTI issues;
  6. document the violation of human rights of LGBTI people;
  7. advocate with relevant national, regional and international institutions to create a just and equal society for our community.

Our main activities consist of the following: 

  1. Community building and mobilizing;
  2. Awareness Raising;
  3. Raising capacities of dierent groups of professionals on LGBTI issues;
  4. Advocacy and Lobbying (Aleanca serves as a watchdog for monitoring and pushing the implementation of the National Strategy for LGBTI people in Albania. We lead a group of legal experts currently working on a strategic litigation strategy, aiming for full legal recognition of same-sex couples and transgender/GNC individuals in Albania);
  5. Provision of services.

One of the most significant achievements as a result of our advocacy work is the inclusion of the elements “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in Law no. 10221/2010 “On protection from discrimination”. This result was achieved after our direct engagement with the working group that drafted this law and the three National Action Plans for LGBTI + individuals (which have been largely ineffective). Currently, the NAPs and Law no. 10221/2010, to which we have a direct contribution, are the only instruments that explicitly mention and protect LGBTI + individuals in Albania making it possible for them to submit complaints and lawsuits for discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation and gender identity.