African Indigenous Women Empowerment

Juba,, South Sudan
Joined April 2021

I work in African Indigenous Women Empowerment as Education and FSL Manager doing economic empowerment to Youths and Women

Presence in: South Sudan
Focus: Education, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights

African Indigenous Women Empowerment (AIWE) is a community based organization that was founded by a group of women who envisaged empowering women, girls and children as important linkages in any stable society. It acquired legal status in July 2018 as a National Non-Government Organization (NNGO) with its Constitution. The organization is run by competent staff members under the stewardship of the Board of Trustees and Executive Director. The Board meets after every 1.months to plan, innovate, Organize, configure, implement and realize how to execute the goals of AIWE.

AIWE is a National organization implementing development services and emergency programs in all the states of South Sudan. Our activities are geared towards reducing the suffering of most vulnerable groups through emergency response, implementing programs and projects that help the affected communities by conflict and war to recover and improve. We collaborate with partners/donors to design and implement development programs and deliver essential social services.

South Sudan has a population of around 11 million and a predominantly rural, subsistence economy. Rural areas lack infrastructure development, enough health facilities, and have experienced frequent destruction of facilities and displacement of populations during conflicts. As such, AIWE seeks to addresses community needs through implementing projects on provision of water, Food Security & Livelihood, health facilities for disease prevention, illiteracy, civil strife, trainings, civic education, good governance, environmental degradation and conflict resolution.