Action pour la Reforestation et la Defense de l’Environnement (AREDE)

Trou-du-Nord, Haiti
Joined March 2019

AREDE is a non-governmental, non-profit community-based organisation in the Northeast Department of Haiti working to promote environmental justice, inclusive development and farmers' rights.

Presence in: Haiti
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice

Action pour la Reforestation et la Defense de l’Environnement (AREDE) is a non-governmental, non-profit community-based organization in the Northeast Department of Haiti that intervenes in three areas:

– Protection of the environment and the biodiversity
– Struggle against social exclusion and poverty
– Farmers rights and the struggle against confiscation of farmers’ land.

AREDE’s overall objective is to arrive at an ecological, social, cultural and economic environment that is viable and livable. Its specific objectives are as follows:

1) Conduct reforestation campaigns at local, departmental and even regional level;

2) Conduct awareness campaigns on the negative ecological, economic and cultural impacts facing Haiti;

3) Lead struggles against land grabbing;

4) Lead struggles against social exclusion and poverty;

5) That all students receive environmental education from the third year

6) Undertake scientific and technical research on the environment, economic and cultural of Haiti;

7) Begin to build understanding and interest in the environment to create a sustainable and liveable environmental culture;

8) Show the professional and academic community the importance of their participation in the reforestation of our dear Haiti and to organize training days on the principles and fundamental values ​​of biodiversity on earth;

9) Develop willingness and ability to resolve differences between the environmental officer and coal consumers without resorting to violence

10) That all rare or limited natural resources will be declared of public utility

11) Conduct advocacy with the Haitian State for a zoning plan for the territory.