Action Group on Governance and Environmental Management (AGGEM)

Mankon, Cameroon
Joined November 2022

AGGEM is a self-help and learning network of individuals and community-based groups seeking to pool local knowledge and other resources to identify and address salient environmental challenges.

Presence in: Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Zambia
Focus: Community Organizing, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

AGGEM Cameroon was founded in 2009 as a self-motivated group of individuals and organizations dedicated to influencing policies aimed at safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable development. AGGEM’s mission is to engage with households, community groups, and businesses and harness their potential to build sustainable communities. AGGEM’s work focuses on self-help, community-driven interventions for more excellent environmental stewardship, job creation, and youth entrepreneurship.  We initiate and take the lead in processes that enhance good governance through collaboration and building synergies with other development partners locally, nationally, and internationally that contribute to sustainable development.