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Aceh Development Fund (ADF)

Aceh, Indonesia
Joined February 2012
Presence in: Indonesia

ADF itself is an independent nonprofit organization that works to mobilize funds and other resources to be channeled to CSOs are characterized by changes in the framework of poverty alleviation and strengthening of democracy, with the scope of the working area of ​​NAD and the source of the funding comes from various parties that are not binding and that the company does not do human rights abuses and environmental destruction.

The institute was formally established in December 2004 which aims to consolidate and reflect the various efforts that have been done and try a variety of potential optimized as capital to develop and build synergy between civil society movement for change, especially in the advocacy movement. In its existence, the institute established itself as an institution over a trust fund / grant making and acting as intermediary , not as an implementor.

ADF funding sources come from various funding sources at local, national and international individuals, businesses, governments, non governmental and other financial institutions. All these are expected to pave the problems facing society based on strategic choices ADF.