3S Rivers Protection Network (3SPN)

Banlung Town, Cambodia
Joined March 2021

3SPN work as secretariat for community along 3S rivers especially Indigenous People in Cambodia, The 3SPN work empower their fundamental rights, research and documentations on hydro power project.

Presence in: Cambodia
Focus: Policy Advocacy

3SPN stands as a secretariat for the 3S Grassroot community whose living along 3S Rivers, Sesan, Srepok, and Sekong.  The mission of the 3S Rivers Protection Network (3SPN) is working to support all people, especially indigenous communities, men, women, and children living along the 3S Rivers, to build their capacity, increase awareness on their fundamental rights, carry out research and documentation, and disseminate information publicly on the impacts of hydropower dams on society and environment, while also carrying out advocacy to support community involvement in decision-making over the hydropower dams. We work cooperating with development partners, NGOs at all levels, and other networks related to water governance at the national level, international level, and regional level. 3SPN creates public consultations to define alternative solutions together to ensure that infrastructure projects respect and follow “Better Practice” requirements and to empower local communities to access their rights, engaging in the protection and conservation needed to sustain their natural resources and environment to stabilize local livelihoods.

The 3SPN has three main strategic directions:

(1) Strengthening community and evidence-based advocacy

(2) Strengthen and support community livelihoods development through increased fisheries resources and conservation, and

(3) Strengthening 3SPN’s to be effective and Functioning Secretariat.

In the long-term vision, 3SPN wants to see the Cambodian people, especially indigenous people along the Sesan, Srepok, and Sekong Rivers are living safely, with the freedom and responsibility to manage, protect, conserve and use their natural resources to improve living standards sustainability.