Re-Launch of Legal Aid Reformers Network

The Legal Aid Reformers Network (LARN) recently re-designed and re-launched its new website:



The redesign improves the functionality and user-friendliness of the website – come and have a look at the great resources and news items that are now available.

The website stores and shares information on the right to legal aid and effective defence in Europe and globally, bringing together information on the legal frameworks, comparative overviews and country information, research and studies, and tools for managers and practitioners. Resources that you may be interested in include summaries of legal aid issues in individual countries; fact sheets and case summaries from the European Court of Human Rights; and practical resources for police station legal advice schemes.

In particular, a new publication from the Open Society Justice Initiative looks at the impact that defense lawyers and paralegals can have when they can reach individuals soon after an arrest, and how early intervention can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the broader criminal justice system. The Open Society Justice Initiative has also recently published a Template Legal Brief on Early Access to Legal Assistance, to assist legal practitioners to litigate issues of early access to legal assistance for people accused or suspected of crimes.

The Legal Aid Reformers’ Network (LARN) is an international information-sharing network of organizations and individuals working to promote the right to legal aid and effective defence. LARN builds on the experience of the Open Society Justice Initiative, which has been promoting legal aid reforms and created an informal network of public defenders and legal aid managers across Europe and globally. The Network provides a virtual platform for policymakers and legal practitioners to exchange experiences and collaborate in further developing newly created legal aid systems. LARN is open to any interested organizations and individuals.

Anyone can send materials and news to be posted on the website.  If there is any news in your country or any information, developments or upcoming events about legal aid or criminal defence, please email:

LARN’s website is organized with the support of the Human Rights Grants and Governance Program of the Open Society Institute and is managed in collaboration with the Open Society Justice Initiative.

May 7, 2012 | Namati