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Justice during a pandemic: practical resources for legal empowerment groups

With the spread of COVID-19, our societies are slowly coming to a standstill. Yet, our struggle for justice continues.

To help our members during this turbulent time, we are developing an online space that explores how legal empowerment groups can protect their people and communities, support the COVID-19 response, mitigate harm from containment measures, and rebuild from this crisis.

The first resource featured in this space is a brief that answers common questions about COVID-19, with useful advice on how grassroots justice organizations can prepare and protect themselves. We’ve tailored this information to address specific challenges faced by network members—those living or working in crowded areas, for example. The information has been sourced from key public health authorities such as the World Health Organization and compiled by public health experts. It will be continually updated to reflect the latest thinking.

In the coming days and weeks, we will focus our efforts on populating this space with practical resources, ideas, and opportunities. But our network’s greatest strength lies in the multitude of experiences and voices of our membership. As you grapple with the pandemic, we invite you to share your experiences and ideas on our discussion forum.

We will write again soon with news about key additions to the online space and other virtual opportunities. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy. Together we will weather this storm and ensure that justice prevails.


March 26, 2020 | Vivek Maru

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