Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

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Namati is proud to support the Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights. The worldwide campaign aims to double the area of land recognized as owned or controlled by indigenous peoples and local communities by 2020. This campaign is an opportunity to support and make visible the struggle of Indigenous Peoples and communities across the world – please help us to grow this global movement by signing-up to support the Global Call online.

The Global Call to Action is conceived as a response to the vast amount of communities and indigenous people’s – 1.5 billion globally – whose lands are being contested. This has huge social and economic repercussions, poses additional challenges to climate change, and threatens the livelihoods and basic human dignity of some of the poorest men and women in the world. As a global alliance organizing under this banner, we can add value to efforts of existing organisations at national level and support each other.

The Global Call to Action is set to launch early 2016, with the launch of a flagship report in several countries and at the global level. The report will make a persuasive case for a global strengthening of indigenous and community land rights. The launch is followed by a campaign involving advocacy, media work and digital campaigning – at various levels.

To achieve its goal, the Global Call to Action aims to mobilize communities, movements, organizations, governments, the private sector and individuals to support ongoing struggles on the ground and jointly push for change in policy and practice. To this end, the Steering Group of the Global Call to Action formulated a set of clearly defined policy asks. The Global Call to Action is designed to give groups and organisations that are fighting for land rights a stronger voice internationally. It will provide platforms for dialogue and collaboration, technical tools and will enable mobilisation and collective action.

The Global Call to Action is guided by a Steering Group comprising leaders and representatives of civil society organisations involved in defending indigenous and community land rights, and technical experts on the issue. A range of organizations have already joined the call – and recruitment to the call is on-going, to ensure a critical mass by the time of launch in 2016.

Anyone get involved in the call, whether as an organization, a community, a movement or as an individual. Once you support the call, you can stay informed by email, and are encouraged to join in actions and initiatives associated with the broad goals of the Call and participate in events designed to strengthen global solidarity, coordination, and joint action.

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December 2, 2015 | Marena Brinkhurst

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