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Event: Strengthening the Global Movement for Grassroots Justice

More than half of the world’s population lacks meaningful access to justice. Grassroots justice defenders are helping to close this global justice gap by helping communities around the world know, use, and shape the law. They are building community power to drive systemic change, and advancing the goal of more peaceful, just and inclusive societies (SDG 16). Yet, community paralegals face a lack of investment in financing and protection.

On March 22, community-based paralegals and representatives from civil society and development organizations are gathering at the University of Nairobi School of Law to hear directly from community paralegals, His Excellency the Canadian High Commissioner, the UN Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Namati, and Canada’s International Development Research Centre about the importance of strengthening grassroots justice in Kenya and abroad.

The event covers:

Watch the event Live on March 22 at 4 – 6:30pm EAT at

March 15, 2023 | Namati