Core Members are the heart of the Grassroots Justice Network. Often the most active participants, Core Members build their skills at networking events, share their experiences online, and weigh in on the priorities of the network.


Everything needed to apply is contained in the application form. Organizations interested in becoming core members have two options:

   Complete Online Application    or     Download Offline Application (PDF)

The network team is committed to working with applicants as closely as possible throughout the review process, and are standing by to answer questions at

Note: if you are downloading the offline application, please fill it out on your device and submit it to the network team by email to For best results, use the latest Adobe Acrobat software, which is likely installed on your device already. If not, you can download it for free here.

Benefits and Obligations

Anyone can join the Grassroots Justice Network as a General Member.
General Members are eligible to apply for a variety of network opportunities, including learning exchanges, leadership courses, meetings, and conferences. They can join online discussions and share resources through the resource library. Their profiles appear on our network’s online directory.
Core Members enjoy exclusive benefits.
Benefits includes select pro bono services arranged through the network and a streamlined application process to all network opportunities. Core Members are featured on the network website with a badge that heightens visibility to donors, potential partners, and others.
Core Members have a say in the direction and nature of our network.
Annually, Core Members weigh in on the network’s priorities for the coming year. Core Members are eligible for leadership roles in the network; their ideas and contributions shape our learning, advocacy, and strategic planning activities.
Core Members commit to being active within the network.
At a minimum, they must participate in at least one network activity per year. This can include: posting to the discussion board; participating in a learning opportunity or network event; sharing or commenting on a resource; attending a webinar; giving feedback via surveys; and more.

Eligibility Requirements

Any civil society organization that has been doing quality legal empowerment work for at least a year is eligible.
People who presently work for a Core Member Organization are automatically considered a Core Member, unless requested otherwise. Individuals not presently affiliated with an organization can be eligible if they can demonstrate they engaged in legal empowerment work for at least one year.

Online Application

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