A.Ge.D.O. Nazionale

Torino, Italy
Joined March 2021

A.Ge.D.O.Nazionale is a national association of parents, relatives and friends of LGBT + people. We are committed to the affirmation and defence of civil rights and equal opportunities of LGBT+ people

Presence in: Italy
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Family, Gender-based violence

The organisation pursues the following objectives:

  • We offer help and solidarity in situations of hardship and suffering caused by the rejection of LGBT + people both in the family and in society;
  • We help families, especially parents, in the recognition and full acceptance of their children.
  • we are committed to fight injustices, intolerances, violence and any form of exclusion that people may be subjected to as LGBT +;
  • we are committed to civil rights and equal opportunities for homosexual families, as well as for every single LGBT + person, in freedom and respect for the dignity of everyone;
  • we are committed to fight the various forms of prejudice and homophobic and transphobic bullying among young people and adults;
  • We promote a culture of inclusion, acceptance, non-judgment, and valorization of all diversities;
  • we promote knowledge and raise awareness through education and training on LGBT + issues;
  • We provide support to single-parent families and to LGBT + people that express a desire for having a family